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Why is Harakeke Seed Oil good for the skin?

Our skin cells need fatty acids, as for the most part they cannot be supplied by the body. Harakeke seed oil is a rich source of these fatty acids and is rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. These fatty acids are nourishing topically for our skin and have shown to restore depleted cell ingredients. Linoleic acid is the most common polyunsaturated omega 6 fatty acid and it cannot be synthesised by the body. Harakeke oil has been shown to contain about 70% linoleic acid.

Phytosterols are a group of compounds that belong to the same family as the compound cholesterol. Phytosterols are found in the cell membranes of plants. We often source them from vegetables and their oils.Most people know of phytosterols as the healthy alternative margarine and vegetable oils. Because they are structurally similar to cholesterol, when they are consumed they compete with cholesterol for absorption in the digestive system. As a result, cholesterol absorption is blocked, and blood cholesterol levels reduced.

However, phytosterols are also found in the skin surface lipids of humans. A scientific study undertaken by A K Bhattacharyya, W E Connor and D S L in showed that plant sterols which were absorbed into the plasma from the diet were excreted into the skin surface lipids after being transferred from the plasma to the skin. In simpler language, our skin cells need some of the same chemicals as plants cells. Our Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream is complemented with coconut oil as well as shea butter. This makes it extremely moisturising, so when your skin has been exposed to dry weather in the winter (or in the summer!), this night cream is super nourishing and helps restore the moisture content and hydration of your skin cells. You only need a small amount to apply to your skin for it to work its magic.