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O Tatou Hoa


Aotea aligns with design that is made with a lasting perspective. It’s essential that the companies we partner with have a blueprint that has a positive social and environmental impact.

We value wellness, sustainability, and culture from a modern perspective.
We immerse ourselves in the understanding of our tikanga and mother nature. While recognising the essential need for a daily practice of giving aroha to oneself, as well as replenishing and renewing the source that we have taken from. We align with companies that look to build, restore, and nurture balance.

A circular life is what we strive to contribute to on a global level

Our products are placed in many amazing spaces and venues. With the common thread being a connection to design, sustainability and culture. If you feel an alignment with our brand, please contact us here.

Inu & kai (eat and drink )

Toa (art & design Boutique)

Wharei & body Boutiques

Toi & Tikanga