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The Benefits Of A Toner And Cleanser For Your Skin?

What does a cleanser do for your skin?
During the day, grime, dead skin cells, oil, perspiration, and dirt can accumulate on the skin, clogging the pores. This provides an ideal medium for bacterial growth and impairs the skin’s ability to breathe properly. Daily use of a good cleanser is essential to effectively remove this accumulation along with any make-up and sunscreen applied to the skin.
Our Kūmarahou and Mānuka Honey Cleanser combines two of New Zealand's native flora renowned for their therapeutic properties - mānuka and kūmarahou. The combination of high quality mānuka honey and kūmarahou creates a highly effective cleanser without being harsh. The kūmarahou has a high saponin content which means it acts as a natural surfactant, gently lifting grime from the surface of the skin while the inclusion of 100+ MGO Mānuka Honey ensures that the cleanser is antibacterial and helpful in preventing skin breakouts or inflammation.
What does a toner do for your skin?
The purpose of skin toners and how to use them is sometimes a bit confusing for people. Toners play a useful role in replenishing and restoring the healthy surface of our skin, acting as a bridge between a cleanser and a moisturizer. You can think of a toner as a little bit like a conditioner for the skin.Toners started as simple products which were used to keep the pH acidity of the skin healthy. Today they are more complex multi-purpose products that hydrate, maintain and de-age at the same time. But the main role of a toner has stayed the same: to maintain the suppleness of the skin and allow it to hydrate effectively, by balancing the skin’s pH or acidity to a natural level.  The surface of our skin is mildly acidic but when we use soaps, we alkalinize the surface. The toner in our range restores the skin’s natural acidity.
Our toner shrinks the size of cell pores and cell gaps, resulting in a smooth skin.
Our toner also includes generous amounts of antioxidants, which are in the Mānuka Water. Glycerine and fatty acids replenish our skin’s natural oils. Kawakawa water heals the skin. A high-quality toner absorbs any last traces of oil, makeup or sunscreen from pores in the skin’s surface, allowing you to apply a moisturizing cream. After using a toner, our skin will be ready to be hydrated with a Mānuka Honey Day Cream or Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream. Water based toners such as we offer are the most recommended.  Toners that contain alcohol can tighten and eventually damage the skin.

What follows cleansing and toning for your skin?
Following skin toner it is important to use a moisturizer  - our Mānuka Honey Day Cream and our Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream are moisturizing products in our Aotea Skincare range. Like all cells in the body, skin cells need water for life. So how do we ensure our skin gets and holds onto the moisture it needs? Our Skin Creams have both humectant and emollient properties. Emollients effectively create a seal on the surface of our skin which will stop water from escaping by evaporation. Humectants absorb water from the atmosphere on our skin.
Following an Aotea Skincare Routine will help ensure your skin stays clean, healthy, and supple and smooth.