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What Are The Benefits Of Mānuka Honey As A Skin Treatment?

Mānuka honey has a long history of use in skin treatment and repair. The antibacterial nature of the honey – which it is renowned for (and why it is so sought after!) – means it is incredibly cleaning and restorative and makes it an essential in good skincare.

What are the benefits of using mānuka honey on your skin? 

There are a number of benefits of using Mānuka Honey on your skin. Honey, in general, is capable of holding an extremely high water content which means when applied to the surface of the skin it is very hydrating. Mānuka honey in particular is uniquely antibacterial. The enzyme glucose oxidase reacts with the glucose in the Mānuka honey and oxygen to produce hydrogen peroxide, which destroys bacteria and clears the skin. This means it is has the capacity to fight harmful bacteria on the skin surface. It is these harmful bacteria that can often lead to breakouts and blemishes which is why using Mānuka honey regularly can be so beneficial. Furthermore, Mānuka honey is also known to reduce inflammation and redness and has been used in treatment for things like rosacea. This means that Mānuka honey is both preventative and restorative when used in skin treatment and has amazing pedigree in both instances.

How often should you use mānuka honey on your face?

You should apply mānuka honey on your face frequently. In a preventative sense it should be used in it’s raw form approximately once a week, or if it is being used for restoration, then as much as required to solve the issue. Repeated use will ultimately result in cleaner and more rejuvenated skin. Once washed off, Mānuka honey has the additional benefit of removing the dead cells from the skin surface due to it’s sticky consistency. This means your skin is left feeling much softer and refreshed.

 How long should you apply Manuka to your skin at a time? 

Mānuka honey should be applied to the skin for approximately 20 minutes. This allows for enough time for the antibacterial warrior to do it destroy any harmful bacteria on the outer skin surface – while also bringing enough moisture to the surface of the skin so that the skin is left feeling deeply hydrated.

What ingredients are in our Manuka Honey Face Mask?

Our Mānuka Honey Face Mask is a simple product in it’s make up but extremely high in its quality and effectiveness. The key ingredient with our mask is the 500+ MGO mānuka honey pulled from our hives on Aotea. We combine this with mānuka oil extracted from our distillery. Mānuka oil is extremely antibacterial and cleansing, particularly in conjunction with the honey. We also add a natural emulsifier so that the honey and oil can be blended and then applied evenly.

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