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The Science Behind The Benefits Of A Face Oil

Facial oils are seemingly everywhere right now, and they have a long history in skin care.

Biomolecular evidence in artifacts and written records indicate that ancient cultures, including the ancient Greeks, the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Chinese, used essential oils for skincare. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, famous for her beauty which she wielded as an accessory to her power, clearly used different essential oils for aesthetic purposes. Some of these were rose, neroli, moringa, geranium and fenugreek. The recorded history of China and India shows more than 700 substances being used for healing. 

Although many ancient cultures used essential plant oils in aromatherapy and skin treatment, it was only in the 18th and 19th century that the constituent ingredients were distinguished by biochemists. Substances such as caffeine, quinine, morphine and atropine were isolated and determined to be the key factor in the human body’s responsiveness to the essential oil.

Anatomy of the skin on the face

 The skin on the face is a special area for treatment. It is exposed to light and air and it is soft. Protecting it from environmental damage caused by excessive exposure to UV rays and toxins in the atmosphere is critical for keeping youthful, healthy skin. Pores in the skin allow it to aerate and oils protect the skin. Using skin oils, as famously applied by Cleopatra, gives the skin on the face an extra protective layer.

The benefits of a skin oil for the face 

It helps the skin on the face when we apply natural oils. It decreases the stress the skin experiences trying to produce enough sebum (oil) to protect the epidermis (outer layer of skin). Skin stress leads to lines and furrows. 

The oil also helps with hydration, which is part of keeping the skin healthy and supple.

Natural oils do not damage the skin and may even have topical effects like anti-bacterial. This reduces the presence of skin infections such as acne and psoriasis. 

How to apply a face oil and incorporate in skin care regime

Correct applying of a face oil and incorporation in skin care regime is easy and simple but important. It is recommended that they are applied both in the morning and at night. It should be the last step of a nighttime skin care routine and the first step in the morning before applying sunscreen and makeup. 

Ingredients in our Mānuka Face Oil:

Mānuka Oil (cleansing and anti-bacterial)

Kawakawa infused Sweet Almond Oil (anti-inflammatory, reduces eczema, red areas and psoriasis)

Blackcurrent Seed Oil (a powerful botanical anti-oxidant)

Grape Seed Oil (a well known anti-oxidant that aids skin cell regeneration)

Jojoba Oil (a deeply hydrating and nourishing oil)

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