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Mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) has many concepts that can assist us in the way we live. One such concept is mauritau. Mauritau is relevant because of the busy, hectic, sometimes chaotic lives we lead in the modern world. Mauritau is a Māori word meaning to be deliberate, relaxed, without panic.
Mauri is the Māori word for the way we feel. It refers to emotions and other things which aren't directly visible. Tau is a Māori word meaning to settle, land calmly at a destination. Therefore, mauritau refers to arriving emotionally at a state of calm or balance.
Mauritau is a key component of wellbeing. Being calmly and thoughtfully aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, environment and relationships helps us to act in a better, beneficial way. We all want to make deliberate decisions without panic but all too often we find ourselves rushing and panicking in situations we aren't prepared for. This elevates our stress levels and tires us out. It creates anxiety. It can even result in us giving up on goals that we ought to pursue.
Practicing mauritau
Mauritau can be practiced. Breathing exercises and muscle relaxation exercises are two of the chief ways. To do breathing exercises, focus on your breath - its inhalation and its exhalation. It should feel relaxed. To do muscle relaxation exercises, ball and clench your hands for a few seconds then relax your fingers and your palms and whole hand and feel the relaxation spread through your whole arm and shoulder.