Our tonics are light, refreshing herbal infusions. Inspired by traditional Maori herbal remedies, our tonics are made by brewing native herbs and leaves sourced sustainably from AOTEA, Great Barrier Island - with a touch of manuka honey pulled from our own hives and a twist of citrus. THERE ARE no fake flavours, concentrates, preservatives or processed sugars. they are simple and super good for ya. 




To support focus & clear the head

Tea tree leaves, also known as manuka leaves, were brewed to make a febrifuge to clear the head. Its flowers provide the nectar that makes manuka honey the superfood it is. Its head clearing orientation is supported by brewing with ingredients recognised as agents that provide clarity and focus. 



Blended to help chill & de-stress

Horopito was a shrub, used by early settlers to make a substitute for quinine tonic as a result of its anti-microbial content. It’s super spicy and we brew the leaves with herbs that are renowned for alleviating stress and anxiety to help you chill.



Our original wellness tonic

Kumarahou is a small shrub known to contain a plant chemical called saponin, which although bitter, made for a traditional expectorant to clear mucus from the lungs and assist the respiratory system. With the addition of fresh ginger and turmeric root this makes for your classic wellness tonic.



Traditionally used to soothe the stomach

Kawakawa leaves are known to be an anti-inflammatory as well as an analgesic. Kawakawa tonic was traditionally used to aid digestion. To further this function we brew Kawakawa leaves with herbs and tea leaves that are also understood to help with digestion.