A calm bay on the eastern side of Aotea during Autumn


Aotea are committed to making functional and healing herbal health products. We take inspiration from Rongoā Māori and scientific research into the actives of the flora to bring you a range of healing and vitality supporting products.

Tama picks a Kumarahou shoot on the roadside


We use published research as well as conducting our own trials into determining the active plant agents and their beneficial effects on the body, both topically and internally. We're working directly with Callaghan Innovation to help generate our own trials to prove the efficacy of these traditional remedial uses of our people. The scope of our range includes New Zealand's native flora as the key tenants and have generations of anecdotal use.



Aotea is driven by creating jobs and opportunity for the community we exist in. We take our name from our homeland. Aotea is the Māori name for Great Barrier Island. An island near Auckland, New Zealand that is covered in native bush. There is no high school on Aotea, so we have a scholarship that provides financial support to the Māori Youth in our community to attend the leading schools of New Zealand.



Being a value driven business, we adhere to principles of tikanga Māori. This simply means that we believe in true sustainability and that as Tangata Whenua, we are kaitiaki of the natural world and their resources. Examples include never picking too much from any given plant and leaving enough honey in the hives for the bees for winter.



Our fascination for science and sustainability extends to innovation in how we use energy. Our plant where we manufacture our range is run 100% by renewable energy. There is no public utility on Aotea, meaning that there is no power grid. This means that either we have to use diesel generators, or we use generators powered by our natural resources. We are currently exploring more renewable energy avenues with grants from the Government that we are excited to share with you that will benefit our community.


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