Aotea Bay


AOTEA use New Zealand's native flora to make health and wellness products. Our product range is inspired by traditional Māori herbal remedies and supported by science to assist an active and healthy lifestyle. Made on our land, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand, by hand.

Aotea Skincare Range


Long before pharmaceuticals arrived in Aotearoa, Māori relied on native plant based remedies to keep themselves and the mokopuna healthy. It is these traditional remedies, with a modern twist, that form the basis of the Aotea Skincare range. Everything is sourced sustainably and made with our tipuna in mind.

Manuka Honey.jpg



Aotea is covered in Mānuka so we are fortunate enough to pull beautiful Mānuka honey from our hives. Bees play a huge role in the ecosystem on the island so it is super important that we only take what they can spare and always ensure they have enough honey for themselves to see them through winter.

Kumarahou Tonic


Light, refreshing herbal infusions, inspired by traditional Māori herbal remedies. Our tonics are made by brewing native herbs and leaves and each is specifically designed to support the immune and nervous system. 



Aotea's ecosystem is delicate and isolated which means great attention must be given to where and how we source native herbs and leaves.